They Only Come Out At Night:

The Continuing Misadventures and Deeds of the Society of the Grey Fox.

Located on the planet Eapher, in the wilderness on the insignificant island continent of Mirabilis, is a tower. Within that tower, a mysterious evil hatches mysterious plans. Those evil plans trickle down, creating chaos in the land. The economy is in shambles, and undead monsters roam the countryside, seeking whatever hapless prey they can find.

Currently, the only hope for Mirabilis… no, the whole planet… is a band of misfits who are blissfully unaware of just how involved they’ve become in the machinations of the society of necromancers.

May the Gods help us all.

Recommended Reading


(Part 1) Arrival in Mirabilis
(Part 2) A Day in Greypaunch, the City of Lights
(Part 3) A Literal Dungeon
(Part 4) The Tower in the Forest
(Part 5) A Demon Inside Him
(Part 6) A Hoard of Treasure
(Part ???) A Krampaus Carol

They Only Come Out At Night.

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